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Victor X Crayon ShinChan A39CS UNISEX Badminton Shoes

Victor X Crayon ShinChan A39CS UNISEX Badminton Shoes

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Limited Edition - Crayon ShinChan Collaboration

The Victor A39 CS is a limited edition collaboration between Victor and Crayon ShinChan. It comes with a special edition shoe box that resembles a school bus. This product also comes with a Crayon ShinChan themed shoe bag. 

Wide Fit Design: Exceptional Comfort

The Victor A39 CS Badminton Shoes offer a spacious and accommodating fit. No more cramped toes or discomfort during intense rallies. Experience unmatched comfort on the court.

U Shape Construction: Secure and Stable

The U shape construction of these shoes ensures a secure fit for wide feet. Enjoy stability and confidence during quick movements. Say goodbye to slipping or unwanted foot movement. These shoes keep you grounded and in control.

Performance Shock Absorption Insole: Cushioned Support

With a performance shock absorption insole, these shoes provide superior cushioning. Minimize the risk of injuries and reduce strain on your feet. Stay comfortable and supported, even during long play sessions.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Size?

  1. For the best accuracy, use (CM) as your benchmark.
  2. CM measures the length between the back of your heels to your largest toe.
  3. It's always a better choice to buy a shoe that is slightly loose than buying a shoe that is slightly tight. Because you can always wear thicker socks to make your foot bigger.

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