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Manufacturer Defect (Warranty Claim)

If you think that you may have received a defective product, please follow the steps below for your replacement or refund. All claims are seriously taken into account.

  1. Contact us and we will begin the investigation process. You may take photos and attach it along with your email to speed up the process.
  2. Please note we do not make decisions for the granting of any warranty claims. All decisions made are subject to the Brand’s authorized distributor or the manufacturer themselves.
  3. If we think the product may be defective, we will kindly request you to send it back to us.
  4. Upon receiving it, we will immediately inspect them and forward it to the respective distributors or manufacturer.
  5. When we have been advised that a manufacturer is found and the warranty claim is successful, we will send you a replacement immediately.


Terms and Conditions for Warranty Claim (Racquet)

  • Claims must be made within 6 months from the date you receive the product.
  • Cut the strings on the broken frame but DO NOT remove the strings. Strings removed from the frame may not be processed.
  • Paint chips and/or cosmetic damages do not qualify for warranty claim.
  • Damages as a result of clashing of rackets or hitting the floor are not eligible for warranty claim.
  • Stringing the racquet exceeding its recommended tension may fail the warranty claim process
  • Successful warranty claims for discontinued or Limited Edition racquets that are no longer available will be replaced with similar product with equivalent trade value.
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