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Li Ning SAGA 2 PRO (Black) Badminton Shoes

Li Ning SAGA 2 PRO (Black) Badminton Shoes

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Performance Cushion and Grip

This shoe is designed to provide you with superior support and cushioning that are truly useful during intense rallies. When you're pushing the limits on the badminton court, the advanced cushioning in these shoes absorbs impacts and then propels your movements, giving you the edge you need to excel.

Graphite Plating for Stability

The base of the shoe features an in-built graphite plate to enhance the stability of the shoes. This provides you with a strong base with lateral movement support.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

The Saga 2 PRO ensures that your feet remain fresh and comfortable, even during long and demanding games. Through strategically placed ventilation, these shoes promote airflow to keep your feet dry and cool, preventing discomfort and allowing you to concentrate fully on the game.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Size?

  1. For the best accuracy, use (CM) as your benchmark.
  2. CM measures the length between the back of your heels to your largest toe.
  3. It's always a better choice to buy a shoe that is slightly loose than buying a shoe that is slightly tight. Because you can always wear thicker socks to make your foot bigger.

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