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Victor Thruster K 9000 (Head Heavy Attacking) Badminton Racquet

Victor Thruster K 9000 (Head Heavy Attacking) Badminton Racquet

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Re-launced Model with New Bright Color

This is the new launch version of the original Victor Thruster K 9000. It has the exact same material and construction as the original model first launched in 2014. This new color features a more striking and bright color.

Classic Top of the Range Attacking Racquet

The Victor Thruster K 9000 is a powerful attacking badminton racquet, with a lot of weight distributed at the top of the head for maximum momentum in your swings. The racquet is constructed with ultra high modulus graphite material, which creates ultra high repulsion for your badminton shots, as well as being able to take high tension stringing. 

Larger Frame Size with Large Sweet Spot

Giving way for more power, the Victor Thruster K 9000 feels a tad heavier than most head heavy badminton racquets. This makes it less user friendly to use. However this is compensated by the larger head frame of the racquet, making the sweet spot larger. 

Badminton Click professional recommendation 

User Friendliness
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Suitable for Attacking Style


Intermediate - Advanced 

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Men: 23-25lbs

Ladies: 21-23lbs


Control: Aerobite

Power: BG80



Shaft Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite+Nano Fortify+7.0 SHAFT
Frame Material: Multi-Layer Graphene+Nano Resin
String tension LBS: H≤ 30 lbs, V≤ 28 lbs
Weight: 4U (83 grams)
Grip Size: G5
Balance Point: 308mm (Head Heavy)
Stiffness: S○○●○○F
Racket Response Indicator



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