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Victor Thruster HMR Light 78 grams Badminton Racquet

Victor Thruster HMR Light 78 grams Badminton Racquet

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  • The Victor Thruster HMR LH Badminton Racquet carries Victor's Power Box Structure technologies, which effectively improves the stability and torsion resistance when hitting the shuttlecock.
  • Constructed with high grade carbon graphite, this racket is able to comfortably take high tension and reduces the vibration caused by the impact upon hitting the shuttlecock.
  • This Light racket is designed for Beginner to intermediate all-round players, as well as ladies and junior players. 
  • High rebounding power. 

Badminton Click professional recommendation 

User Friendliness
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Suitable for Attacking Style


Beginner - Advanced 

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Men: 23-25lbs

Ladies: 21-23lbs


Control: Aerobite

Power: NBG98



Shaft Flexibility: Flexible

Balance Point: Head Heavy

Frame Material: Carbon fiber + resin

Shaft Material: Carbon fiber + resin + 7.0 SHAFT

Weight: 5U (78 grams)

Grip Size: G5 (Small)


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