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Victor Hypernano X 80L (Lightweight All Round) Badminton Racquet

Victor Hypernano X 80L (Lightweight All Round) Badminton Racquet

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High Quality Material for Intermediate Play
The Victor Hypernano X 80 L's core construction is high modulus graphite, which is a good quality graphite material suitable for an intermediate player's game. It is also a good choice for beginners looking to improve and play regularly.
Lightweight for All Control Player
This racquet could be a very good option for ladies. However, the 83 grams overall weight of this racquet is light and very well-suited for the control all round badminton player. 
User Friendly
The medium flexibility attribute combined with the head balance feature of the Victor Hypernano X 80L makes the racquet extremely easy to use. Most players will not have to spend time 'getting use' to the racquet. It's a very popular choice among regular badminton players. 


Badminton Click professional recommendation 

User Friendliness*

More Info

Suitable for All Rounder


Beginner - Advanced 

More Info

Men: 23-25lbs

Ladies: 21-23lbs


Control: NG99

Power: NBG98



Shaft Flexibility: Medium Flexible

Racquet Response Indicator: HX-80L

Balance Point: Medium 

Frame Material: High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

Shaft Material: Ultra High Modulus Graphite + NanoTube + 6.8 SHAFT

Weight: 4U (83 grams)

Grip Size: G5 (Small)


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