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Li Ning Turbocharging 80 (83 grams) Badminton Racquet

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Faster and More Explosive

Taking advantage of the new trapezoidal frame design, the Li Ning Turbocharging 80 offers optimal aerodynamic swings. 

The new Turbocharging 80 is lighter at 83 grams, but made a little bit head heavy for explosive attacking shots. 

This racquet will suit doubles badminton players looking for an all around control on the court, while being able to fire winning smashes from the back of the court.

Enhanced Graphite Material

The new an improved material in the shaft enables greater elasticity and repulsion, whilst maintaining the racquet frame stability. 

The handle of the Turbocharging 80 is made longer, while the shaft is made shorter. As you can now hold the racquet at a higher position on the handle, this allow you to have much better control. You will also be able to swing faster, yet adding to the swinging speed while doing so. 

Badminton Click professional recommendation 

User Friendliness
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Suitable for Control Player


Beginner - Advanced

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 Men: 23-25lbs

Ladies: 21-23lbs


Control Player: BG Aerobite

Attack Player: BG80 Power



Material: Military Grade Carbon Fiber

Weight: 83 grams average

Grip Size: S2 (Extra Small)

Balance Point: 308mm (Head Heavy)

Color: Maroon

Max tension: 32 lbs

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