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Li Ning Turbo X9 Badminton Racquet (Beginner Friendly)

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Full Carbon Graphite Entry Level Badminton Racquet
The Li Ning Turbo X9 features good quality material (carbon graphite) in this entry level model. If you're looking to upgrade your game from recreational to semi professional, this could be a good choice. 
The full carbon graphite racquet frame offers you excellent elasticity and repulsion upon hitting the shuttlecock. You'll also benefit from good vibration absorption when hitting the shuttlecock. 
Due to the high quality material of the racquet, it can take up to 28 lbs of tension. This means that you can continue using the racquet when you manage to improve your skills to an intermediate level. 
Suitable for Aggressive Players 
The Li Ning Turbo X 9 is an 88 grams normal weight badminton racquet. You should be able to generate enough swing power for your badminton shots with this weight. 
Easy Generation of Power (User Friendly)
The racquet is user friendly because it requires less effort to generate power with its flexible shaft. 


Weight: 88 grams average

Balance Point: 300mm (Head Heavy)

Flexibility: Medium 

Frame Material: Full High Carbon Graphite

Max Tension: 28 lbs


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