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Li Ning N9 II Tontowi Ahmad Signature Badminton Racquet (Doubles Attacking)

Li Ning N9 II Tontowi Ahmad Signature Badminton Racquet (Doubles Attacking)

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Designed specifically for doubles

The Li Ning N9 II's frame and specification is designed for badminton doubles, focusing more on the back court player. You'll get a medium stiffness shaft for easy generation of power (ideal for strong smashes). The racquet is also evenly balanced to give provide you with a good balance between power and fast racquet handling. Back court players with a relatively big swing would enjoy smashing with this badminton racquet. 

Aerodynamic and Steady

The Li Ning N 9II features the 'Turbocharging' racquet frame which is aerodynamic at the top whilst being solid at the bottom part of the racquet head. This enables quick racquet handling and strong, responsive smashes especially on your long swings. 

High User Friendly Rating

Very user friendly and easy to get use to. Beginners to Advanced level players don't usually find it difficult to get use to playing with the Li Ning N 9 II. 


Frame Composition: Carbon Fiber

Color: Black Cooper

Shaft Flexibility: Medium 

Balance Point: 298mm (Head Balance)

Weight: W3 (88 grams)

Max Recommended Tension: 30 lbs

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