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Li Ning G Force 360 Super Light (Gen 2) Badminton Racquet

Li Ning G Force 360 Super Light (Gen 2) Badminton Racquet

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Super Lightweight at only 78 grams
The Li Ning G Force 360 Mark 2 has a super lightweight frame at only 78 grams (as compared to the normal weight of 88 grams). The lightweight feel of the racquet adds a lot of Control to your game when it comes to net shots and drives. 
Full Carbon Fiber Badminton Racquet
Classified as a 'Game Improvement' badminton racquet, the G Force 360 Mark 2 is designed for beginner to intermediate level badminton players looking to improve their games. 
The full carbon fiber composite of the racquet frame offers you good elasticity in the frame and excellent vibration absorption upon hitting the shuttlecock. 


Frame Composition: Carbon Fiber

Color: Blue Black 

Shaft Flexibility: Soft

Balance Point: Head Heavy

Weight: W1 (78 grams)



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